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Near KCMO with .75MB download speed


I joined Visible two weeks ago because of the semi-unlimited Hot Spot Data but instead whether on phone

or via hotspot.  Using a Moto G Power phone, when I first power up I have about 75% of bar signal and if 

I do a speedtest I get anywhere from 4.7 to 17MB download. After maybe 15 to 20 seconds the phone signal

drops to about 35% of full signal and then download speed drops to .5 to 1.5MB and stays there.  Setting

Airplane mode to on for five seconds and then off brings up the stronger and faster downloads.


I have spent hours over chat including installing a replacement sim card with little change.  According to coverage map I am FULLY  in both Verizon 4G and 5G coverage.  I also purchased a Samsung S51 and a 

Moto Ace to see if it was my phone but only change was these two phones came up on slow data and stayed there.  I am located east of Kansas City and near enough to I70 that there is wide coverage.  Has

anyone had a similar problem and any thoughts on what to try.  I will have to return to my previous provider if I can't fix this which will be sad.


Novice II

I had somewhat similar issues. The network would be strong and fast when I first turn the phone on and after a speed test or two the speeds would drop dramatically. It was very frustrating and I ended up finally reaching somebody on the support team who verified that the speeds I was getting were below what they were supposed to be. They ended up escalating my case to engineering a couple of times. I couldn't tell you what they actually did in the end but they were able to make the phone stay on the speedy side of things. So my suggestion is to try to talk to someone on the phone. I want to say another possibility is that you are fully in good coverage but you might be between two towers. And your phone is having to do some switching between towers and it's not going well.

Novice III

To me this looks like a classic case of congestion and deprioritization. If your local tower is overloaded, the tower has to split its limited spectrum across many devices... And often as well Verizon prepaid customers will get priority over everyone else.

So you are saying the first connection is the prime tower for Verizon customers so after a short

period the Visible customer is kicked to a older horriblely slow tower. That is the raw response

of what it sounds like you are getting at.  Verizon seems to be pretty sparce as far as towers around

my area compared to other carriers.

Not "kicking you do a slower tower" necessarily... But when you're using bandwidth on the congested tower a Verizon postpaid customer gets more of it than you.

Basically it's has to slow down your internet speed to balance it with the bandwidth usage of every other person (across all resellers) on the tower, and it has to allocate more speed to Verizon postpaid customers because they get priority.


If verizon upgrades your tower with more frequencies (if they have them) then your speeds will improve. In my area they added more band 5 to my tower, which made speeds go from 0.2 megabits to 3 megabits during peak congestion.

Understand but the fact that the signal strength drops to about half also is why I suspect the phone is going to another tower.  Strange thing is I can drive up the road two blocks

and it seems to stay on the faster "tower" or transponder.  I am out in the county and only internet is a very slow and unreliable DSL so have to use my phones Hotspot usually for 8-10 hours a couple times a month so this situation i guess is not going to work.  Shame

Thing is the bar system is arbitrary. There's little difference between -113 dBm and -109 dBm but that will still fluctuate and make the arbitrary bar system go from 2-3 bars.


If you want to try to get some info about the towers in your area you can use the Cellmapper app. That will tell you what tower you're connected to and where the tower is.

Not sure but from what I have read so far it seems the range is closer to -113dbm and -96dbm but your point is taken.  I am making an assumption.  When using the Moto Ace I

did see that phone was on Channel 13 which I have read is rather limited on bandwidth. I

did check Cellmapper on laptop.  Are you saying to use an Cellmapper App on my phone will allow me to determine more by seeing what antenna I am on real time?

Yes, on your phone. That tells you what tower you're connected to... And you can look at it on a map. Not sure if that would actually help.


I kinda doubt you're switching between "towers". More likely you'd be switching between sectors of the same tower. That's beyond my knowledge of this kind of thing though.

Well Thank you, suggesting using CellMapper on my phone did help.  What I think I determined by monitering Cellmapper and using Airplane mode to force restart the phone

appears to go to the same tower (which I had not seen.) whether with the high download speed High signal or the low download speed low signal but does also occasionally switch to another tower about five miles further North with signal level

similar to other tower. Also tried a similar App on phone and got similar results so

looks like what you first said is exactly right.  Does not solve my problem but least now

it makes sense and that helps.  I wonder how much of this is due to the pandemic with workers and school children likely using phones and hotspots and may get better once we hopefully get past the pandemic.  Anyway thank you very much for the help.



Well has been almost four months since all this and now not only do I seldom have any data capability but yesterday I had no calls and come to find out I had no signal bars at all and missed three calls.  If I power off and then on I then had 70% of max and could call again.  Using the Cell Tower Locator, I know I have five verizon towers in area as I have been on all of them at one time or another.  No obvious reason for where.  After zero bars yesterday, and very week today I checked and I am on the farthest tower that

shows of map and is almost six miles away while three others are half that far and in more line of sight.  I guess my only choice is to just drop this piece of crap service and go back to Consumer Cellular. No Data but at least the phone works.  Boy Verizon has sure went to hack the last couple years and I do mean main carrier as I have a couple friends on them and they are fed up with the poor function and support they are getting for a lot more money than me.  Wish someone else had a program which allowed unlimited data on hotspot at 2-3Mb.  You know the real isssue is these stew pid(Wow how politically correct can be get. Just sick.) cell companies started pushing people to send tons of video's and effectively watch their tv

on cellphones and gave no thought to fact that cell carriers have a very limited supply of

usable bandwidth to transmit on.  All the hype on 5G is just a joke unless you live right down town because most of 5G will be delivered on ultra high gighertz channels which will only reach a few blocks at best and do nothing for rural at all.  If we actually had any government any more they would have done like back in the 30's and force all these cable and fiber companies to have to totally serve an area, not cherry pick housing additions, or not be allowed to use public right of way.  But no the dang lobbyists bought all the politicians off so now if you live anywhere but in dense population area

you are screwed far as internet is concerned.  I am two miles outside a 60,000 town and

just off a major state hwy and I cannot even get reliable 2.5Mb DSL and it costs $60/month.  That is what it now means to live in the United States of Crap.


I am in Columbia SC, recently I traveled through Georgia and Florida, going down interstate I-26 and I-95.

Most everywhere I went, the coverage was so poor and the download speed was so slow, I had to use my T-mobile or AT&T phone. Around Columbia, I totally lose coverage in places where my other providers have great coverage. In Florida, I was on the 10th floor, overlooking the Daytona, still, download speed was so slow I could not even check my email, again, resorted to my other phones. I thought I had found a great deal, but 25.00 is no deal when I have so many places the service is not usable!