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Devices as far as our emoticon-eyes can see

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about devices - which ones you like, which ones Visible has, different variations, and so on. To kick this off, we’re going to give you some i...

How to return a device

Devices can be a lot of fun. But what’s not a lot of fun is returning it for any reason. There’s a lot of moving pieces in the process, so this forum is about bringing clarity to it all. And if this post doesn’t answer your question(s), this is the b...

Pics & Bitmojis

I can’t seem to send pics & Bitmojis to androids from my iPhone. Why is this?

me by Newbie
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Resolved! iPhone 8 Plus 📱

I’m with boost and I called to get my phone unlocked it’s taking a long time to how can you use your SIM card to a activate it automatically

Visual Voicemail

Have an Android phone that is not branded to any carrier. The VM app does not support VM. Can anyone suggest one that works with Visible?

vinross by Novice
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Resolved! unlocked iPhone8 setup?

My old Visible iPhone is dead and I bought a refurbished unlocked iPhone8.How do I get that connected to my Visible account?

Cases for blade 11 prime

I've purchased the zte blade 11 prime and cannot find a case or screen protector for it online without a one month wait. Anyone else have any luck?

CAUTION on getting a phone with the prepaid MasterCard deal

==== no it's not flooding === I keep getting errors on posting === I got screwed over when I ordered a OnePlus 8 while signing up for visible.The phone had a special offer on it to get a $200 prepaid MasterCard after I paid for the 2nd month of servi...

OnePlus Nord N10 Phone with 5G on Visible

I just picked up a new, unlocked, OnePlus Nord N10 Phone with 5G capable phone. My Visible SIM seems to work well on 4G. Does anyone know what it will take to get 5G to work with Visible on this phone?On a different subject, I got flagged trying to m...

K_Repass by Novice II
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Visual voicemail

Need help setting up visual voicemail. Lg tells me this device supports the feature. Device is a lg k31. Only way I can retrieve vm is buying calling in and entering passcode. When I have a new vm there's a drop down window that says tap here to acce...

ZTE Blade X1 5G Not able to be rooted

Hello fellow members. I called ZTE support today and asked about being able to unlock the bootloader for the ZTE Blade X1 5G and they said no, because Visible has ordered them to have it locked. (I know that's not a good way to get support, but onlin...

internet access

i have my new ZTE phone and s small router, i have reset everything , but when I try connect through my says internet access, but i cannot pull up a web page. Has anybody seen this. any help

daren by Novice
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Verizon jetpack

Is Verizon jetpack usable on Visible and if so how? Do I need another SIM?

TonyP by Novice
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Cannot get Visible to approve a phone order

I have been approved for a phone through Affirm and Visible (for the 2nd time in a year) has never honored the request and my orders disappear. Why does Visible not want to fulfill my request for a phone? Visible chat workers are friendly and all but...

Samsung G7

I have a Samsung G7, does it have to have an active phone # ? I looked up the IEMI # and the same said not compatible, do I need to unlock the phone first...T-Mobile right now. Thanks

Pams321 by Novice
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Any cheap compatible "feature phones"?

Hi all! I'd like to be able to try out a "feature phone" (aka "d**b phone") with my visible service and I'm wondering 1. Is this possible2. If so, what specific features do I need to look for to make sure a phone I purchase is compatible3. Any specif...

Slow Servic

I know I'm on the fringe of 4G service, but my dilemma:I have a Blade A7 Prime on Visible that I use primarily for a hot spotI also have an iphone 12 on Verizon.Both phones are locked to band 13 and show 3 bars. Network Cell Info shows -96db on Visib...

Anyone using a OnePlus 6T?

Hi, The OnePlus 6T is Verizon certified and apparently works on Verizon with the correct network side configuration. Visible claims with their IMEI check that it is not supported. Is there anyone who is using a 6T successfully on Visible? If so, plea...

Oneplus 8 Pro Wifi Calling

I saw that the OnePlus 8 Pro is on the list of devices that support Wifi Calling and it does not appear to be working. I have tried rebooting the device and toggling to and from Airplane mode. Is there a APN missing or something else?

Swapping phones

I am getting a ZTE Blade A3 when I open my account and want to know what I need to do when I want to upgrade to a IPhone 7 Plus that someone is giving me? Do I just swap out the sim card?

djs4855 by Novice
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any chances for Moto G7 Play to get on the supported list?

The spouse loves her Moto G7 Play (mainly due to the smaller form factor) and is not willing to switch to a new and bigger phone in order to get on Visible. Seems the Moto G7 Play meets the basic specs. What are the chances that it might get supporte...

Voicemail on Pixel 4a 5G

Hey now!Despite lot's of wasted chat time with Visible help and jumping through all the suggested hoops, I still have no voicemail service. I can dial my VM service and supposedly record an outgoing message but no one can have the intense pleasure of...

jaco by Novice
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Anyone moved iPhone7 over from Walmart Family Mobile?

Really need unlimited data to work from home and Cox internet is horrible to say the least. I've been with Walmart Family Mobile, currently with iPhone7. Anyone know if I'll be able to port the device over to Visible? Is there anything I can do? I've...