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Devices as far as our emoticon-eyes can see

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about devices - which ones you like, which ones Visible has, different variations, and so on. To kick this off, we’re going to give you some i...

How to return a device

Devices can be a lot of fun. But what’s not a lot of fun is returning it for any reason. There’s a lot of moving pieces in the process, so this forum is about bringing clarity to it all. And if this post doesn’t answer your question(s), this is the b...

iPhones bought from Visible Unlocked

I am interested in switching to Visible and want to buy either an iPhone 11 or 12 -- but want to know if Visible doesn't work out for me are the iPhones unlocked so I can move the iPhone to another carrier? Also question number 2 -- if I get the appl...

TLK3 by Novice
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So you have lines for tablets and smart watches?

Phone recommendations

Does anyone know what flip phones will work with visible service? Preferably a smart phone that's has a flip body style.

Unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max no 5G

Hey everyone .. just got visible , joined a party pay group and enjoying visible so far .. my only stickler is my 5G is not working on my iPhone 12 pro max.. it’s a brand new Best Buy unlocked iPhone 12 with updated 14.4.2 iOS .I spent good 2 hrs wit...

Google Pixel 4a 5g from Visible

I thinking about the Pixel 4a 5g from Visibe but cann't find a model number for it.I want to know if it's a Verizon model or a true Google Editon. Does anybody that purchased one from Visible know the model number?

Resolved! Is the Galaxy S9 SM-G960U (not U1) Supported?

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy SM-G960U on AT&T that is working well. I would like to move to Visible with the wife and kids, however, it currently fails the IMEI test. I have completed my contract with AT&T and they have sent me an unlock code. I...

n5en by Novice
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5G Service - Had it - now gone after S20+ software update

I received a notice from Visible on January 22, 2021, to download a software update for my Samsung S20+ to enable 5G service. It worked, as indicated by the 5G (versus LTE) on the top line of my phone. Since the Visible update, I've had several more ...

Other Samsung Phones?

Hello people. I'm interested in Visible but would rather use another model Samsung 5G phone, if possible. I was thinking of buying an unlocked Samsung A51_5G (different than the one offered through Visible). I haven't bought the phone yet so I don't ...

baturro by Novice III
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OnePlus 8 - Do Not Purchase Through Visible

DO NOT purchase this device from Visible!!! The version you receive from Visible does not receive OS updates. The Visible store page links you to the OnePlus8 page, but that isn't the phone you are buying. Avoid at all costs. EDIT- Title was changed ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Audio Crackling on incoming and outgoing calls.

Is there a solution for audio crackling on incoming and outgoing calls? I have an unlocked Samsung A50 phone, US version. This happens on almost every call in the Charlotte, NC suburban area. I didn't have this problem on PagePlus, a Verizon MVNO.

Apple Watch

I am interested in joining Visible. I would dill eto bring over an iPhone. Does visible support the Apple Watch with cellular connectivity? I am actually most interested in using my watch all the time for communication etc. I will not use my phone mu...

Blade X1 5G root

Blade X1 5G root...can it be rooted ...any info or links...tried kingo go have paid apps to install..thanks in advance fyi SKU: Z6750VS SW-VER: Z6750Mv1.0.0B12

OnePlus 8 model #

I'm looking to buy an unlocked OnePlus 8 on my own elsewhere...Can anybody verify the model # that works with Visible service ? I'm looking for one that will work with Visible and possibly t-mobile as well. I'm thinking it's the in2015 but not sure T...

Ability to turn off 5G to save battery?

Since 5G became active at the begining of the month the battery life of my Pixel 5 has taken a huge hit. This hit would be livable if the payout in speed and reliability were there as well, but since the technology hasn't quite made it to the level o...

Visible Blade X1 5G

I bought this phone when I ported in to Visible a couple of weeks ago. I like the phone so far but 5G data speeds I see truly suck. The highest 5G download speed I've seen on my phone so far is 3Mbps. sometimes the Verizon speed test website just giv...

CAZboy by Novice II
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Google Pixel 3 XL

Is this phone compatible with Visible? Does anyone use this device currently? I'm finding some pretty compelling deals on Amazon on it.

smgrinus by Novice III
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5G on Google Pixel 5 is here... kind of

Earlier today, I applied the March 2021 update to my Google Pixel 5. After the phone rebooted, I have started to notice some instances of where the phone will be connected to the 5G network, but it is not consistent.The Mobile Data icon says 5G. The ...

Samsung Galaxy Note8

I currently have a Galaxy Note8 on Verizon. Visible is telling me that this phone can not be used on their network and I will have to purchase a new phone. It was my understanding that Visible was reselling Verizon. I don't understand why this Verizo...

T-Mobile Oneplus 8T Works with Visible...

Just wanted to give a brief fyi that the tmobile oneplus 8t unlocked does work with visible, seems fine.the only drawback i see is that 5G does not work yet with this device. hopefully a visible update will fix that.would be nice if a visible employe...

OnePlus 8 Update

The Visible model of the OnePlus 8 is now 6 months behind (!) on security updates, hasn't been update since November of last year, and is still running Android 10. When will Visible get its crap together and take responsibility for this mess and fix ...

dvb by Novice II
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Visible ZTE Blade A7 Prime

How is the experience you've had with this device? Does the extra 1 gig of ram make a huge difference over the A3 Prime?

smgrinus by Novice III
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Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime

Anyone using this particular phone care to share their experience with it on Visible? Things like: The avg. battery life, scrolling smoothness, signal strength, etc. I'm looking to get off of my BYOP old iPhone 6s as the battery on it is nearly dead....

smgrinus by Novice III
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