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Promos and discounts, plus additional info on the Swap program.

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The best place for questions and answers about phones of all makes and models.

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Party Pay

Save money by finding a Party to join, or by inviting others to yours.

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Ask anything else here

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Leaderboard Contest - When will winners be emailed?

I'm not sure if I am a winner or not but excited to order the Anker Wireless charger that is now in the shop alone again!! Hurry and email winners please so  haha jk! I know it said before March 5th 

Join our party of 7 members!

Please join here: https://www.visible.com/p/TheVisionaire- we're approving people fast- we're committed for the long term- we like the savings 

Appreciation post: for Visible customer care

I realize that Visible wants customers to contact them in non-traditional ways, including Tweeting/DMing them. I want to say thank you to the hard working people that work in customer care. They genuinely try to help, they read the submitted question...

beav by Novice
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Re: Email Verification

@MoiraPrime If you don't receive the verification email or having problem with verifying, please reach out to community@visible.com and they will verify your account.

Missing original post explaining reply

This explanation you give would explain a group of, say 20-30, but definitely not hundreds. These "Mega" groups take away the security of smaller parties trying to do the same thing. They "Market" their huge groups with multiple spam posts and by glo...

Email Verification

I noticed there were a lot of people who were having issues with Email Verification and I wanted to bring this to Visible's attention. I use an email provider called "ProtonMail" and their client is really good at identifying emails that aren't sent ...

Re: Are you using a VPN with your Visible service?

@beav @@ I use one.one.one.one ( in the app store. While isn't a true VPN, it does help a lot and depending on your goals it might be all you need. It provides safer browsing, gets around some of the video limits, and so on. I also us...

Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime

Anyone using this particular phone care to share their experience with it on Visible? Things like: The avg. battery life, scrolling smoothness, signal strength, etc. I'm looking to get off of my BYOP old iPhone 6s as the battery on it is nearly dead....

What are you using for speedtesting?

I have always just used the Fast app from Netflix, and consistently get 2 mbps. I reached out to customer care last week, and asked if this could be improved. After some work on their end, rebooting and removing the SIM, and measuring the speed using...

beav by Novice
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Unable to join or start party

I have been trying to leave my current party, which only has three members. However, when I try to leave it, join another party, or start my own party I continually come across these errors: "Account exists in the group membership" and "Account Alrea...

mvill by Novice
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Everytime I've had a service issue, this is what fixed it.

I have had visible service for about 9 months. There have been four times during that nine months when my service suddenly just quit working. The first time, I contacted visible and we tried to troubleshoot my phone multiple different ways. None of t...

We've had a bit of a growth spurt --- 71, Join Today

Join Today and never worry about paying more than $25 / month. Full Privacy - members of the Party can only see how many members there are in the party.P.S. Members of our PARTY are saving over $1000 / month * ( 71 * $15 = $1065)ACT NOW --- JOIN TOD...

Visible isn’t just a phone service

So anyone who doubts visible and their service and their dedication to the customer, I would like to share a story. I’ve been with visible since the good old testing days when it started and u needed a invite to join. Anyways couple years back I lost...

Fumfo by Novice
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