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Horrible experience swapping Sim to s21ultra!!! Plz help!!!

So I broke my original moto pure phone which I had service for about 2 months loved the service.... broke my moto phone and this is where the (nightmare begins).... I have unlocked s21ultra I have used with different service.  I send in my IMEI # they say great it's compatible!  But I can not get the service to work!! I've had over 30+ plus chats and they all do the routine ?s and I've done them all even a factory reset still nothing... the only time I get anything is when I'm connected to wifi I get a 5g and signal bars but greyed out, during thus time only I can send and receive text messages.  As soon as I turn off wifi NOTHING a X with no signal bars appears.  I've done all the updates, the factory reset, network reset, ect...I've request a call about 10 plus times and nothing!! When i try and open the app i get a blue screen with loading circle in the middle.  Uninstall and reinstalled the app it let me sign in via activate my phone bar.... nothing.  I go to my devices and i still has my moto pure phone with no where to change it.....Please help I loved the service but now I'm paying my bill for 2 months now just to save my number I ported over from being lost and the hopes of finally getting this phone activated correct!!  With the wifi txt messages there has to be a way....... I hope!!! Ps they already sent me a new Sim that was the promised fix that also didn't work!!


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Superuser Founder

Did you get it to work.  If so, please explain the steps you had to take.

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I have an s21 ultra unlocked from Samsung that worked AMAZINGLY for about a week, then BOOM! everything stopped and they put my account on "permanent hold", it's been a week at 4 to 5 times a day in the chat and still NOTHING, so feel blessed, lucky or whatever you wanna call it that they atleast tried to get you working again, cats I've gotten NOTHING, but hey if you figure it out PLEASE let me know, I love their service and it works AMAZING out here in the woods where I live, even better than the 90 dollar GET MORE contract plan from their mother company Verizon....

I love the service too and at the $25/month price point, the all digital communication does require persistence and patience.  Please let us know how you get it resolved.