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Need 2 more people on our Party Pay plan!


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Novice III

Hi jwenz31,


Welcome to Visible (I do not work for Visible, by the way).  I assume you are new to Visible since you are starting a party with just two people.


You are certainly welcome to start your own party, but should you have any problems getting at least two more people in your party by the end of your first month (and you may really want to keep adding people after that, in case anyone leaves your party), you might consider switching to an existing party with lots of members (such as the one I joined: , which has nearly 12,000 members - or, any other party with a lot of members). I only say this because I'd hate to see you fail to get your discount.


Should you decide to switch to an existing party, simply:

  1. Login to your account then click on your name near the top right of the page and then click on "Account."
  2. Once you've done that, go the the menu in the middle of the page (Overview, Party Pay, Referrals, etc.) and click on "Party Pay."
  3. Next scroll down the page and click "Leave party."
  4. Finally, join a new party (you can use the link I provided above or find another large party).

Note: I did not start the party which I am a part of (unlike what you are doing). So I am assuming the "Leave party" button is the same in your account even though you have started your own party (if not, I would think there is probably something similar in your account).


I hope this helps. Should you decide to keep your own party, I wish you well. I hope you get and keep your discount.😃