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Phone replacement


Hi I have had this service for a while now and recently I cracked my phone screen and I was wanting to know how can I get a new phone without getting a new number or having to start a new service here with visible.


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Hey there! You're able to purchase another device under your same account via the app and/or the website. However, if you experience any issues purchasing your new device you're more than welcome to chat in with our support team via live chat on the website and/or social media on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for posting, we're always here to help if you have any other questions or concerns! 🙂

My phone died and I can't seem to order a new phone. It says I have already ordered a phone??


This might work if anyone ever answered on the chat tab! I still cannot get my phone replaced! This is bad for business as I see it. I'm never home in the daytime, and no one work for this company at night I guess. I open chat and  pc answers me and cant understand me. I miss the times when live people talked to live people and not a  pc answer service. I NEED A NEW PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!