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Porting Number - When to insert new sim?


I watched a video online that said to wait until the Visible app said "Service is Ready" before inserting the sim and activating the account.   My app only shows that my SIM was delivered and my email was confirmed.  There is no Service is Ready line on my home page of the app.  Do I need to wait for that to show up to activate service?


On the web, my account shows "To complete your number transfer and activate your service, insert your SIM, and activate service within the Visible mobile app.   It has a blue check by it.  


Just want to make sure my number has been transferred before activating.   




Novice III

Delete the app and start over.   Install the app and open it once you have inserted your sim.  Click activate and follow the steps.  It is usually quite straightforward just follow the instructions. 


Not sure why the video suggests what it did I've never done that and done many activations.


Your number will transfer during you activation.