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Hello World 😉


I just purchased Visible service and trying to activate it on my new Pixel phone 😉


unfortunately I can't install app on my phone, what are my other options?


i understand physical sim is one of them, but i can also add "provider" through settings menu (or scan qr code), but where do I get that qr code?)


thanks in advance!


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No esim on android/pixel phones.


Only option is to order a physical sim by byod. You do need the visible app to activate. You can easily download that from the play store.

that's not true: there are MANY Android' phone that ARE support eSIM.

No I am saying no esim on VISIBLE for android/pixel.  Of course many support it but visible is iphone only for esim.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Why can't you install the app on your phone?


Visible has three ways to contact support: chat, Twitter, and Facebook.


I have had the best luck with Twitter:




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