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Skype is answering my voicemail

Novice II

When I don't pick up, my voicemail should answer.  But it is not my outgoing message, it is Skype:  "Welcome to Skype.  Sorry we don't recognize the phone number you're calling from.  For security reasons you will need to complete a two-step verification...."


There is no reasonable way for someone to leave me a message.  It has totally screwed up my phone service.


Someone is working on my issue, highest priority.  Seems no one else has this problem.....



Dial *73 to disable call forward

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Intermediate III


By looking at your issue, I would suggest you to disable call forwarding if you have enabled call forwarding. This might help. 

@bpositive  Wish it were so, or even possible.  I don't have the ability to forward all of my calls.  Maybe it's just my service, but the voicemail menu for my Visible is very stark:

1 - Rewind   2 - Pause       3 - Forward
4 - Slow     5 - Date/Time   6 - Fast
7 - Delete   8 - Reply       9 - Save

* - Cancel                   # - Skip 

Main Menu

4 Personal Options
 2 Administrative Options
  1 General -- 1 password 6 autoplay 8 prompt level
  4 Message Review Options --
    1 order 2 envelope on/off 3 change envelope 

 3 Greetings 
  1 Change Personal Greeting
  2 Extended Absence -- Record message
  3 Change Recorded Name


Dial *73 to disable call forward

@partypay -- Yes that did the trick.  How was forwarding activated and how is it implemented?  This screw-up happened spontaneously.  Can someone guide a 'novice' to all the * (star) codes for this service?

Intermediate III

Dial *71 and number to enable the call forwarding. Or you can go to call settings and enable/disable call forwarding. 

@bpositive -- OK got it.  It's that last sentence that whizzes by me.  "Call Settings" is specific to a phone not the Visible service -- correct? 

Intermediate III

@KRS03  That's true. If you are using iPhone, you can go to setting>phone>call forwarding. 

From here you can enable/disable call forwarding. 

@bpositive -- Right.  If only.  My Moto g7 Android isn't so easy to navigate.  I don't see these types of options when looking into the phone app, nor the settings.  Figures.

Intermediate III


For android,

Swipe up on the Home screen to view your apps, then tap Phone. Tap the Menu icon with three dots. Tap Settings > Calls > Call Forwarding.

@bpositive -- Maybe on a 'quality' Android phone. 

My Moto:

:Settings > Calls > Call settings:  Auto-retry, Voice privacy, Wi-Fi Calling, Auto answer on headset.