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Syncing network operator services in the background Pixel 4A No Service


Hello all! I'm new here, but unfortunately I might not stay due to the tech issues I've been having..


I've been trying to buy Visible for almost a month now. First started out with address issues, and now that that was all over, my phone wouldn't connect to Visible. I'll occasionally get a message like "Syncing network operator services in the background" - but it never actually connects. They sent me a new SIM but it still isn't working!  I've tried everything at this point, power cycling, cleaning my SIM tray, cleaning my SIM port, resetting network, put the SIM card in different compatible devices, turning on and off airplane mode, restarting my phone, toggling all the settings that needed to be toggled, even factory resetting my phone. I've been paying for service I can't even use, and I'm just so close to giving up!

As my username states, I'm using a Google Pixel 4a. Has anyone had a similar issue and actually fixed it? When I go into my SIM status, it says..

Network = Unknown | Phone Number on SIM = Unknown | Mobile Network state = Disconnected | Service State = Radio Off | Signal Strength = 0 | Mobile voice network type = Unknown | Mobile data network type = Unknown | Roaming = Not Roaming | (Don't know what an ICCID or an EID is, so I won't state that.)



I will note my phone is completely updated to Android 12, and so is the Visible app. I've been tossed around several different customer support staff with no avail. I have never had service, and I've driven around and checked my phone at the occasional stop- so it's not that my phone isn't compatible, nor is it that there isn't coverage. It's like they sent me two, completely blank SIM cards, (despite it saying that it's a Visible card, nothing happens whatsoever.)

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Is the phone locked to a different provider or is it unlocked?  Where did you purchase it from?

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