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Unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max no 5G

Novice II

Hey everyone .. just got visible , joined a party pay group and enjoying visible so far ..


my only stickler is my 5G is not working on my iPhone 12 pro max..


it’s a brand new Best Buy unlocked iPhone 12 with updated 14.4.2 iOS .

I spent good 2 hrs with visible chat support help.    They told me it was an apple issue ?? 


spent another 2 hrs on phone with apple senior tech support .. they told me it was a Visible issue ..


my LTE is fast but would love to get my 5G working ..


yes I am in an area with 5G coverage ( Boston Ma)


any help is greatly appreciated 


Not applicable

Hey there!

The Visible Care Team would be the best resource to help investigate this issue. They can be reached through the Live Chat feature on the website or in the app, Facebook (Visible Mobile), or Twitter (@VisibleCare).

Intermediate II

iPhone 12 is set to a default to only accept 5G when it is best. They say it saves the battery. If you set it to 5G it will always be looking for 5G even if it's not available. You can change how you access under your voice and data settings.