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Visible order shows null? Website says error. Transaction refunded? Help.

Novice II


I just got done chatting with visible this morning and they said my account is on hold still and there is nothing they can do until they reach out to me.  This is after promising Thursday I would hear back from the escalation team in 24-48 hours.  I have reached out to my credit card who confirmed a pending transaction from visible which is still just pending and they have not put any blocks on their side and in fact have a note to allow transactions from visible through to make sure that is not the issue.


This is really poor customer service.  Horrible no one has reached out in over a week, no email no call nothing.  NO ability to give me any answers through chat as they keep stating they are only "front line."


Overall this has been a horrible experience and I am really evaluating going with another company at this point.  Im open to any other suggestions or other companies that can provide me service.  Thanks.




Join the club. I ordered on the 2nd but no phone and no one can tell me what's going on. Just that a specialist will reach out to me someday


Your order is probably cancelled. They just cancelled my order without notice...