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cancelling service?

Visible can't figure out how to transfer service to a new device for me. Have been without cell service for over two days now.Custoemr/tech support syas they are working on it but no results, just saying they will email me or send me a DM in 4 hours ...

how do i terminate service?

Visible has messed up transferring my number to a new device. No service for 2 and 1/32 days now. all I hear is we are working on it. We'll email you in 4 hours, in 24 hours, blah, blah, blah.i am done.

Visible experience in Mexico

Trying to understand exactly what happens when you try to use a Visible activated phone in Mexico on local cell networks. It simply doesn’t work? It attaches and works but you get high international roaming charges? Other? Please detail. Thank you.

Downloads from the Data and Privacy Portal

I’m trying to successfully download a call log from the the Download and Privacy Portal.My request went fineAfter a few days I received the email that my file was readyThe download went fine with request codeThe zip file is encrypted and this message...

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