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Hello, I’m getting the message: Plan canceled when trying to set up my account

Resolved! Can't tether via USB

I'm using a Moto G Pure to connect to Visible. I can connect a computer to the phone via WiFi, but not USB. When I try to turn on USB tethering, it "checks the subscription" and then refuses to turn the USB tether switch to the On position. It does t...

Resolved! Unable to text one person (Android/Google Messages)

Hello, I am a pretty new Visible customer, and in my house, we have three people with Visible accounts now. I am having issues texting one who hasn't activated his service yet, but I am wondering since he is in transition from Mint to Visible if ther...

Texting Issues with Google Messages

Hello peeps! I have a Samsung A52 FiveG. I love my phone but have an ongoing issue that I haven't been able to fix. I don't know if the problem is my phone, Google Messages app, Visable or maybe me. I also use Signal, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to...

baturro by Novice III
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Resolved! No charger?

Just got my phone and there's no wall plug for the charger and the cord is double sided usb. Is this normal?

Nik_88 by Novice
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