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referral credits not transferring over

Is anyone else having a problem with referral credits not transferring over to be a usable referral credit? Some of my credits do show as a usable credit, I noticed under payment history these credits show as a $20 credit. 3 of my credits show up as ...

luvbug by Novice II
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Email address

I was a customer in FEB 2022 and left Visible to try out another cell provider. Now I want to return to Visible but it will not let me reuse my old email address. The old account still pulls up and lets me log in but will not let me restart service e...

suds by Novice II
  • 11 replies
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Motorola One 5G Ace compatibility

Considering buying a Motorola One 5G Ace unlocked directly from Motorola. Visible sells the Motorola One 5G UW Ace. I chatted with Visible CS but all they say is test the IMEI# on the web site. Don't have the phone or the IMEI #. Any one have a idea ...

rjniles by Novice III
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Switching from Samsung A52-FiveG from Cricket

Hi everyone, My family is switching from cricket to visible, and because I am in the family plan, I also gonna be switching so my phone plan won't go up. But the thing is, I trade-in for a new phone sometime in February with Cricket, which is my curr...