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When does service actually begin?

So I’m getting ready to switch to Visible but I’m receiving conflicting info on exactly when I will lose service with my current provider. Will I lose service the moment Visible ships me my new phone or not until I actually click “Activate Service” i...

QR Code

Hello World  I just purchased Visible service and trying to activate it on my new Pixel phone  unfortunately I can't install app on my phone, what are my other options? i understand physical sim is one of them, but i can also add "provider" through...

alexus by Novice
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Porting Number - When to insert new sim?

I watched a video online that said to wait until the Visible app said "Service is Ready" before inserting the sim and activating the account. My app only shows that my SIM was delivered and my email was confirmed. There is no Service is Ready line on...

Visible is over charging us and offering no path forward!

Perhaps someone else is experiencing this, or this will gain the attention of a Visible customer support member. My wife is being overcharged for her first month of service. It's supposed to be $5, but they charged her $40. Now her account shows "sus...

fitz007 by Novice II
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