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Service Outage?

Reports on reddit is that there is another service outage, this time with calls. I can't make calls either. Can someone from visible confirm?

devin37354 by Intermediate III
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Unlocked phone?

Hello, if I purchase a phone from visible and they unlock it after the specified time, could this phone then be used with any carrier even AT&T? Thank you.

PKR by Novice
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No Service for 9 days.

I recently moved to visible with esim. Opened account with esim online and everything was fine. Submitted port request and was told after a week of hoopla the port is complete. I was reprovisioned with new esim. Voice & Data not working. Text works. ...

fromPok by Novice
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Can't use a credit card?

I am so confused. I have spent all day with countless reps and I just learned that I can't use a credit card but they can't tell me why. I have numerous different types of credit cards. I surely can't be the only one yet I don't see any posts about t...

Resolved! OnePlus 9 Pro Android 12 No signal FIX

I dug around on the internet after DAYS of my phone having no connection and getting the Visible chat run-around. Here's what I found and it works for me. Note that I had to put a non-Visible SIM in, then switch back to the Visible one to force my ph...