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No voicemail

I've been with visible for about 2 weeks. I found out yesterday that my voicemail doesn't work. It goes to a prompt to enter mailbox number. I entered my phone number but that didn't work. I followed the steps to setup the voicemail but it doesn't wo...

BILLYT by Novice
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Account Hacked

My account was hacked yesterday. I was not able to change my password. My address was changed about 15 times. My account was charged $1052. I have not been able to close my account. Customer service has been unavailable. Now my phone has no service a...

ChrisBB by Novice
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Sim Card activation taking forever, and not working

I have had the hardest time since I requested Apple Cellular service. The latest is they finally sent me a Sim card to activate and switch out so my Iphone will allow my Apple watch 4 to work.But the Activation is taking forever. I get a message when...

404 forbidden

I can't login to pay my bill and am almost out of time! Keep getting 404 Forbidden when trying to access Any suggestions? Someone have a phone number I can call?

Received an email about an order i did not authorize

So...I too received an email about an order that I never made . I immediately checked my bank account for any discrepancy but luckily there was none. Then got an email from Visible stating it was some kind of error. I tried to reach out the customer...