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Google Play

I am trying to add an app from Google Play. After I sign in and enter my password, it recognizes me, I click "I agree", it searches for a minut or so, and I get an error that says "Your account wasn't added. Try again."Tested using another cell phone...

Speed is always around 5 Mbps in Philadelphia area

I just joined Visible recently. I have a Pixel 5a using Visible esim. I only get about 5 Mbps even the phone showing full bar for 5G. LTE speed is about same. I live in Philadelphia area. I wonder what speed other people getting. Thanks!

vis76 by Novice
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Texts not sending

SMS not sending on my Android. I turned chat features off and tried both on and off wifi, nothing helps. Any ideas what's going on? Is this a Visible issue? My wife's phone has the same problems, different brand Android even.

Purchasing Plan

I'm trying to purchase a Party Pay plan, however, it is not stating that at checkout. Did I miss something?? I did the refer a friend for $5.00 for first month, but it's showing $40 - $35 and doesn't ask if I want the Party Plan. Help??