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Phone purchasing

Someone please tell me how to buy a phone from vissible without affirm financing it. I just want to buy a phone without a big hassle. I have been here for 2 hours trying to buy a phone and sign up with visible.

Mister by Novice
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Account on Hold

After an agent tried redownloading my eSIM on 5/4, my service abruptly stopped. When I tried contacting Visible via Chat, they told me my account was on permanent hold. When I asked why and what I could do, all the agent would say is that they could ...

Second Line ?

Can I purchase a second line ? I would like to have 2 numbers on 2 phones.

Vs by Novice II
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Has anyone ported a phone number from tracfone or numberbarn?

starting phone service

I hope to start a phone account in about 5 days. I can't right now because I need to go to the place I will be and verify that I get a good phone signal there before I can know if a Visible account can be useful to me. I do not have internet through ...

AndyHvi by Novice
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