5G UW Problems


I upgraded from the Visible ($30 Plan) to the Visible+ Plan and I currently have a Google Pixel 7 the coverage map shows I have Ultra Wideband in my area, and so does the Verizon map. However, I erased the esim that was asked by a rep and redownload a new esim plus, I did a software update and no symbol plus the same speeds as the Visible Plan. 


I don't understand what's going on because it shows 5GUW on the coverage map but I don't get the speeds and the symbol doesn't show up on my device. What can I do? At this point the Visible+ Plan does not seem worth it at all ... 


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From what I have read on Reddit some phones won't display UW and not sure if your phone is one of them. Did you do a speed on the basic plan and then do a speed test on the plus plan to see if there was a difference?

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I have 2 different phones with the Visible+ service plan. One is an iPhone 13 and the other is an iPhone SE (2020). One sim shows UW on my iPhone 13, the other does not. Luckily I don't need UW on the SE, since it doesn't support it. But both sims SHOULD have the exact same provisioning to show UW on the 13. So, there is an issue somewhere and I don't think it's my phone or my OS.

Customer service made some tweaks on their end and I also reset my network settings, neither of which caused the phone to start displaying UW for the trouble SIM.


Hi, I had the same issues and it was really frustrating. I had contacted support a dozen times and they kept redownloading my SIM and nothing was working. I had UW in my area but my symbol wouldn't show, and my data speeds were capped at 400 MBPS. But after the specialist team had reached out to me, my SIM randomly went to SOS for a minute at work and I was concerned, but then I checked my phone an hour later and UW was showing!


It appears that even if you buy an unlocked pixel 7 or 7A from Google or other vendors like Amazon, you’re almost always getting the model which comes only with sub-6Ghz wave and no 5mmWave like the Pixel7Pro models do. They really bury this piece of info.

If you buy a Verizon locked version from Google, on the Pixel 7 it costs I think $100 more for the Verizon and ATT version, possibly due to their versions do come with 5mmWave capability built in. Pixel 7 model GVU6C does not come with 5mmWave bands n260 n261 . Model GWML3 apparently does. But they seem only available (at least new) through contract with the major nonMVNO carriers.

I really don’t want to be forced into buying a Pixel 7Pro and yet it makes Visible+ not all that it should be.


Google doesn’t make it easy to find out that in the US, Pixel 7 comes with or without 5mmWave capability depending on the model. GVU6C does 5G but only at the sub-6Ghz bands and not the faster but limited use 5mmWave , which model GQML3 does come in addition to the sub-6.

I guess that may be why or in part why the Verizon and other major carriers Pixel 7 on Google shop site costs $100more than the Google-fi or Unlocked versions.

It seems for now that unlocked version sold by Google and Amazon and Bestbuy is the less equipped GVU6C.

It took me hours to know what should be explained in plainly on Google’s shopping site instead of having to dig through tiny print spec page.


Did you get a chance to check which model your Pixel is?


Sorry I’m new and thought my first lengthy response somehow was lost. I missed verification of my email as a newbie as of today.

And also a correction on my thinking that the 7 Pro model would avoid the issue, but no ,just found out even on the expensive 7Pro, they put out have and have not versions, but no price difference, and no choice when buying it unlocked version.

I have this same issue as well. I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and I know it's capable of 5G UW service. I reported this to Visible 3 weeks ago to start investigation as to why it's doing this, cause I am paying for the Visible+ plan. And I can't even fathom how infuriating and inferior their tech team is to even fix this issue. I waited over three weeks and in that time, I constantly kept getting the same email, to wait another 24 or 48 hours, up until the point I told them I was gonna report them to the BBB. Cause if I am not getting what I am paying for, then they were falsely advertising on Visible+ plan. And of course I finally got a resolution, and their half response was, that 5G UW is only select cities? I checked their coverage map and I am in a 5G UW area. Then they proceeded to say that I am not close enough to a 5G tower, when clearly half I am using 5G when I am at home or it switches to 4G LTE. But after all that I would say their customer service is absolutely inferior... Don't even bother complaning or opening up a case to Visible wireless. They will promise you that someone will reach out to fix the issue but then your stuck having to explain the issue again and again. There is no tech team, cause if there was, it would of been taken more seriously. Especially knowing customers are paying for the extra premium service. Either way stick to the basic plan cause Visible is falsely advertising something that's not working properly or their coverage map is deceiving customers? Whatever the case is... Don't be fooled like I was. You'll only get the same email for weeks saying wait another 24 or 48 hours. Your gonna constantly keep going in circles