5G not as promised!

Novice II

I switched from the Verizon prepaid and always had 5G service where I live. I no longer get 5G service and have very slow 4G now. I also noticed that my data use shows it as extremely high, so maybe they are slowing me down on purpose or Verizon is limiting Visible 5G access in my area. The high date usage is concerning since I never went over the 50GB when I was using Verizon. Strange and concern Visible is calculating data differently, or their app constantly consumed large amounts of data in the background? Anyways, everyone should be weary of this! 

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Novice III

That's weird... check your Visible App setting for unrestricted background data usage and background data settings.  When I check mine, I'm seldom using data because I'm always connected to wifi.  If you're not connected to wifi and streaming movies, etc.  I could understand your data consumption.  When I'm not connected to wifi and in a data mode, I'm getting 5g signal from Visible.  Keep checking out those settings.

I've checked everything and even had visible reset my e-sim. I still don't get 5G even though I was getting it before Visible service. I am left with only questions and no solution from visible. Maybe verizon has changed something on the tower I'm connected to?