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Haven't had service for more that 3 weeks since phone went dead.  SIM card not compatible for new phone.  Can't get ANY service from the company to either get new SIM or transfer service.  AI computer CHAT is totally unhelpful to my situation (wants me to select a new service).  Also, I can't get access to my account since to reset password to account is done by Text, but I have no service, impossible.  I want to cancel service and keep my phone number, but since there is no company phone, fax, or e-mail contact, I sent certified letter 3 weeks ago to the Colorado address with no contact.  I am now forced to get a new phone number with a new service although looking for employment but with potential employers no longer able to connect with me losing all history of phone messages and tests; I have no idea what this lack of service has cost me.  .




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This is simply a customer to customer help forum; unfortunately, there's not much any of us here can do about the issues you're facing. If having trouble getting past the chat bot, Connai:

When given a choice of options always choose the non-specific option (e.g. other, something else, none of these, etc). when asked to supply additional information always type live agent in response. Eventually you'll be placed in the live agent queue. If you reply with anything specific the robot will insist they can help.

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