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Galaxy s21 ultra authorization and 5G availability


I recently swapped my Galaxy s20 plus which had 5G access on visible for a couple weeks with the Galaxy s21 ultra unlocked purchased directly from Samsung. I inserted my Sim in the new Galaxy and everything works fine. I attempted to verify my IMEI in the Visible database and it says not authorized. Just wondering will this be on the authorized list and available for 5G and maybe when?



Hey there! Congrats on your new Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra! At this time, we're only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s21, and Samsung Galaxy s21+. We're not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra but as Visible is innovating more phones are being added to our growing list of compatible devices. We'll suggest checking frequently our website, social media, online shop.


Thanks for reaching out! -WC


Hello, do you know when you will support the S21 Ultra? Thanks!

Do you think we are talking weeks or months on the Samsung S21 Ultra?  We have a Samsung S21 Ultra and are very interested in your service with others in the group to follow... so you can count on adding some additional customers when the S21 Ultra is on the approved list.  I have joined your newsletter and will be ready to join up when the Ultra is approved.  Question... will a Samsung direct purchased unlocked S21 Ultra have access to 5G thru your service?  Verizon shows 5G on phones purchased elsewhere, but does not allow 5G service according to the web.  Thanks for any updates!

Hi there! Thanks for sharing the Visible love with your group. We're currently not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy 21 5G and Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G are compatible with the Visible Network. We are glad to learn that you subscribed to our Newsletter for updates and can't wait for you to join the Visible family. Please stay tuned on our full list of compatible devices:


If you're planning to bring your own device (BYOD), we recommend always checking your IMEI in the compatibility checker to be 100% sure your phone is BYOD compatible.


As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Please why is the s21 and s21+ supported but not the ultra? I ordered from samsung because there was better deal and just assumed the ultra was supported since the other two are. I don't understand? It would be easier to switch carriers then to return this phone so I hope support comes soon.

Hi there,


We understand how important it is for you to ensure that your S21 Ultra is compatible with Visible. We would like to confirm that the S21 and S21+ are compatible with our service. Each device is unique and there are many factors (like software band, carrier, hardware, SKU number, etc.) that contribute to compatibility. I would like to assure you that we're working hard to improve our offerings. So keep your eyes peeled!


Thanks for reaching out. We'll be a click away, if you have any questions! 



Just checking in to see if the Samsung S21 Ultra has been added to the line-up of acceptable phones!  We are ready when you are!


Hello and happy Friday!

Our compatibility checker has recently been updated, so the S21 Ultra should now show as compatible. Please try checking the IMEI of your device again, and let us know if you run into any issues. 5G is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, and S21+  at no extra cost.


The ultra is not on your list of approved devices.


So, i just checked the compatibility checker and the galaxy s21 ultra is not listed. Is this a mistake?