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Hotspot only got .7mbps


I got visible to tether as a hotspot to other devices while RVing. I know you can only use one device at a time with the hotspot which I did. However, the fastest speed I ever got with it was .7 mbps. I could not stream netflix or anything else even at the lowest speeds. Have you guys also experienced this? Is it common? It happened at two different locations at two different times so I have little hope that it's just a fluke.



That speed stinks, here are some things to consider:


-What were you using to test the speed? Tech support recommends this site:


-Some people get better speeds by toggling airplane mode on and off once.


-If that does not help, I would reach out to tech support on social media, and see if they can re-provision your phone. It will take a little bit of time once you connect with them 15 minutes up to about 60 minutes. I reached out to them, and my speeds doubled.


Good luck.


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