New Subscribers Beware

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Future Subscribers Beware

In short, I've been a Visible subscriber for years, but if you need customer service just good luck with that. I got a new iPhone 14 Max Pro and need an eSIM to activate it. I tried going through the process myself, but my phone would not activate. I reached out to the customer services agents and after two failed callbacks by Visible (never called me on my spouse's phone) and multiple interactions with the customer service representatives they still have not sent me an eSIM for activation. At this point, I should send them an invoice for the amount of time I have spent on hold for them to come up empty-handed. They will not give you an ETA, they will not call you back, and they simply will not get the job done. I have not had a phone to use for almost 24 hours. If this company struggles to activate a phone they sure will struggle with anything complicated. 


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I have been with Visible now for 15 months and yes, the customer service leaves something to be desired. Even tried Twitter since I didn't need an answer right away took 5 days 2 weeks and last week I had a few more questions about the new plan and of course 6 days and counting no answer. Facebook messenger 2 weeks ago took 5 days before I got a reply some questions. The answered I sent on Twitter 6 days ago I sent on FB and when I checked yesterday morning they had responded 45 minutes after I sent the messages. I responded and was surprised someone actually responded within a few minutes and continued to respond until I had my questions answered. Chat does leave something to be desired as the issues I was having that never got a response 2-3 weeks ago I did go on chat and it took 45 minutes of waiting and another 30 to fix an issue I had with ordering a phone but my answers to why my phone I bought from them last year is not compatible with the new plans I never really got a answer other than it doesn't have the right technology which is BS since the phone is compatible with Verizon who not only owns Visible but the new plans are switching to the platform they use with their plans and not the current cloud based platform that is currently being used here(I think is how I read it on another thread). Personally I think they blacklisted all phone they haven't recently sold just to sell you another phone.


If you value customer service and/or if you actually want a person on a phone to help this is not it. Other than the poor customer service I actually like the plans.