Pathetic customer service from Visible

It has been a nightmare porting to visible. I ported from T-Mobile to visible using esim. The service got cancelled at T-Mobile but is not getting activated at T-Mobile. The tech support is totally incompetent and never have a proper answer.  What's worse is I cant even port out my number to a different provider because they are not able to link my number to my account.

The customer service just keeps saying it will take 24 to 48 hours and I am left without a phone for more than 24 hours. It a shame that Verizon has partnered with such people. They do not come on phone or have a store because they are too scared knowing they are incompetent.



How are you contacting support, via chat or via social media? I have had good luck so far by reaching out via social media.


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First I understand your frustration.  I strongly suspect  there are people from Visible here that monitor this thing.  Your tone of your post will not get you the help you seek.  I would rephrase the issue and explain the issue.  Example:  I tried to port my number from x carrier  After 3 days and 5 chats with customer service it isn't resolved.  Can someone from Visible please   pm me which pm is the private message feature  on here.  I'm not having luck with Visible customer service.  I would truly appreciate the help.  Do you see the difference in my example and your post?  Sometimes its the tone that will or won't get you help.  I do understand the frustration but being rude will get you nowhere.  Remember the people that work for Visible are people to.  They can't retrain the agents who aren't doing something right if they don't know about the issues.  They aren't going to want to go out of the way for someone that is being rude.