Visible says my SIM was never on their network


I purchased an iPhone 13 back in November (2022) for my daughter (from Visible) and it was on the Visible network until March 9th. I am switching back over to Verizon and Visible is refusing to unlock the phone that was on their network for over 60 days because theyโ€™re saying that this phone was never on the Visible network to begin with.

the Sim came in the phone when it was delivered so Iโ€™m not sure how it never registered into their system (given that it has been used for almost 4 months ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I have been fighting with Visible for 3 days to get this fixed but I am wearing down. Is there any way to win this fight? I have opened a BBB case to see if they will respond to that but Visible has a B- rating so that seems to be hit or miss too.



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If the phone was purchased on your account but the SIM was purchased or activated on a different account it might not see the phone as being in service since you didn't use it. I am just guessing but the reason I say this is I saw a similar thread about this not too long ago and it was a similar situation where a phone was bought but used on a different account for over a year and Visible wouldn't unlock it since it was used on the account it was purchased under.