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What is Visible Community?

Intermediate II

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about… Well, anything. It’s the general discussion forum, so think about it like an off-topic, Visible-themed discussion. We’d tell you some good questions to ask, but the opportunities are truly unlimited on this one. Have fun!


Moderators will try to address your questions within 48 hours if they are unanswered by community members. If you’re having a problem that is not resolved on the forums, contact Care through chat or social.


Novice III

This seems neat. Thanks for having us ❤️

Novice II

I'm so excited! I've told everyone I know (1 person) to join as well!

Novice II

Can't seem to verify account - verification email not coming through (~2 hrs).  Any ideas of what to do?  Thanks!

Hi turtlebud! I see your email has been verified now. If you change your email and run into this issue in the future, just send your username and a short message to from the email associated to your Community account.