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The Ultimate HOW MUCH I SAVED Thread 💪😎💰

Heyo! As we all know, Visible is among - if not the MOST AFFORDABLE, QUALITY cellular option on the market.So, we're all DYING to know.... how much did YOU save by making the switch!?!? 樂(In accordance with our standard Community Guidelines, make su...

Quick solutions to common wireless service problems

If you’re having any issues with calling, texting, or anything involved in using data, we’re going to provide you with some common network troubleshooting steps. So, if you’re having issues, try the steps below. If you’re still having issues after th...

Resolved! Visible Customers cannot call Google Fi Customers

As of May 1, 2021, Visible Customers cannot call Google Fi Customers. This issue has been going on for a few weeks now, and multiple Visible Customers have attempted to resolve the problem through both Visible Support without any success. Problem Sum...

"Server Unreachable" message when placing a voice call

Has anyone else ever received a "Server Unreachable" message when placing a voice call?This happens when I attempt to make a call to a single phone number. The phone number belongs to a cell phone that has Google Fi service. When I attempt to make a ...

Outage Report - UPDATED

***UPDATE*** We are back up and running! All issues related to this outage have been fixed. *************** We'll admit it, we're having some technical issues. But, we're also hard at work to fix them. Until then, you might not be able to shop for a ...

Mobile Hotspot Via Modem

When Visable sends out a SIM card do you get the large sim card? I want to use this service to plug the sim card into my modem and use as a mobile hotspot. Is this possible to just buy the service without the phone so I can use the mobile hotspot dat...

Have you checked/fixed your Caller ID yet?

Check your caller id. See what it shows when you call. It's free. These are the only two free CNAM/Caller ID look up sites I have been able to find (after much looking to check/fix my Caller IDs on all our lines. I figured I would share. CNAM lookup:...

rive01 by Novice
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Lack of Service

For over a week I have been “chatting” with Visible help. I have spent hours using their chat system which does not accommodate difficult problems well at all. I have had no service for a month after I got to Kentucky. We have tried so many different...

Visible's website can't validate my address

I've been trying to get sim cards for me and my wife for months now. Visible's website doesn't recognize our address (you can find it on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc), not allowing us to finish the transaction. Support has been completely usele...

ubar by Novice
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Esim swap to new phone

What happens if I have esim on my iPhone 12 and either lose my phone or need to get a new one? Will I be able to download the esim onto the new phone or get a physical sim for the new phone if it didn’t support it and keep the same number?

Resolved! Promo code not applied to bill

I ported in my number for a new account with Visible, and I got a promo code to use from Reddit. When I filled out the form online, the code was accepted and I went on to give my shipping address. Then the web page wouldn't update and kept giving me ...

Resolved! Hot spot clarification

Can anyone provide me with more detail on hotspot useage? I need to better understand what is meant by 5mbps and one device for the hotspot. Is that only one device can connect to the hotspot? Only one device per the party is allowed to use a hotspot...

Delete Visual Voicemail

I just moved from Verizon Wireless to Visible. I am getting the unresolving Visual Voicemail error message: "Setting up Visual Voicemail. Please wait..." I spent too much time on Visible chats today trying to kill this app, but to no avail. The only ...

Im new

Hi everyone im trying to save some money too 3nS37j or invite me 

1ronz by Novice II
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Resolved! Receiving international calls

Is it possibile to receive phone calls (no data calls) from a country outside USA (no Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island), like a country in Europe? If it is possible, is it free?

deleog by Novice
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Porting Update (Update from a previous post)

So remember my long complaint post a few weeks ago? Well the headache returned! Last week, T-Mobile, out of no where charged me and yanked my number halfway from Visible. It killed my Visible service for about 4 hours! By halfway I mean I was missing...

How. To disable vtext

I’m getting random vtext messages from porn sites with about 10-15 others in a group text. How do I disable this pain in the Burt feature?

Resolved! I want to switch my family to this

I want to pay for myself, wife and daughter to be part of Visible. Can I set this up from my account so I pay the bill for all 3 phones, or does each phone pay their own bill?

Don't Tread On Me!

Hey brothers and sisters who support our 2nd amendment rights, join this group and make it the biggest and baddest...making the statement "DON'T TREAD ON ME" ! And grab your $25 month discount.Use this code and be added asap

Gigabit LTE Support

Hello everyone! I would like to ask if you all can help me get the word out to have visible support Gigabit LTE!?

Visible needs to add more Servers...

Visible must add and implement more servers nationwide. Can't expect two servers in the whole country CO and NJ will hold for all the customers in the South areas like the Carolinas... getting 600ms pings and data lag is not acceptable and not fair f...

Caller ID

Just wondering how to get your name to show up on caller ID for people that you're calling. When I call my family and friends' home phones my call shows up as "WIRELESS CALLER".

Joe33472 by Novice II
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Average speeds on Visible at 4G LTE in the East Coast

I've also noticed an improvement in the ping time now that I'm in NY versus southeast Florida. I came back to NY about a week ago and the ping time has hovered around 34 ms. In southeast Florida, ping times were in the hundreds, usually around 200 or...

by Not applicable
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✔✔✔ Save💲 Together ✔✔✔

SO FAR, It Takes All Of Us... To PARTY up and PAY $25 monthly! SO GOOD, To Save $15 monthly together! We are ALL in this Together, So Far So Good! Everybody Approved: Referral/Promo Code $15 first month: 3mZFFD

Can't pay bill due to glitch, no service, now account canceled

Hello, I am not really sure what to do at this point. I am a long time Visible subscriber, been with them for 3 years or so. I have referred hundreds of people over to Visible, and as a result have always had a bunch of referral credits in my account...

Mervis by Novice
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