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The Ultimate HOW MUCH I SAVED Thread 💪😎💰

Heyo! As we all know, Visible is among - if not the MOST AFFORDABLE, QUALITY cellular option on the market.So, we're all DYING to know.... how much did YOU save by making the switch!?!? 樂(In accordance with our standard Community Guidelines, make su...

Quick solutions to common wireless service problems

If you’re having any issues with calling, texting, or anything involved in using data, we’re going to provide you with some common network troubleshooting steps. So, if you’re having issues, try the steps below. If you’re still having issues after th...

Quarantine Swag / Contests? A Visible face mask?

I love when Visible has contests or swag incentives - it definitely helps promote! During SXSW in Austin Texas it was so cool seeing Visible doing promo around town. Now that there has been a year without events, perhaps continuing to host marketing ...

Resolved! 4G LTE Speeds

At one time, Visible had a promotion that new customers would not be subject to speed caps (throttled) while using the Verizon network. I believe this was offered back in 2019 - yet, I haven't heard anything sense that time if Visible continued the p...

GTE by Novice
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Introduction Thread

Hi my name is realLexusl21. My interests are cheap phones and even cheaper plans. I used to be cellnuvo's #2 biggest supporter. #1 was mmfacemm, my best friend.I live with my parents and am scared of earthquakes.

Resolved! Visible Merch Suggestion: Anker Wireless Charger

I know on reddit folks trash the merch site, but I feel it has some cool stuff. One item I'd like, but not interested in the bundles it's offered in, is the Anker wireless charger! Whoever is in charge of the site, can they offer it without a bundle!...

Speed Test Thread!

We all know one will popup eventually! Post yours here! 110 down and 50 up tonight in Knoxville TN (Near downtown) Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?

devin37354 by Intermediate III
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Resolved! Email verification

How do I get an email verification sent to my email so I can post. I did it several times with the correct email and it was never sent. It’s not in my inbox or junk mail. Now I am locked out of email verification request for trying too many times.

Resolved! Caps or No Caps

So I understood when signing up for Visible that they had a 5MB cap and that's what I get here at home. But so many are saying they get 10 to 20MB and some a whole lot more. How is that happening if the service is capped at 5MB? Chuck

Resolved! Any Kinds of Roaming?

Does anyone have any ideas when Visible will add support for any forms of roaming, especially for Canada and Mexico?I travel to Canada every year, so I was just wondering.Thanks, everyone!! 

Evan by Novice II
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buttons pressing sound during phone call

I have had issues with almost like a bad connection but i am not sure if it is my service. During some calls the persons voice goes in and out. I cant hear hardly anything they say and it sounds as though buttons are being pressed during the conversa...

rdash by Novice
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Confirmation Email. No joy.

I can't seem to get a confirmation email to complete my sign-up process. Checked my spam folder and, still nothing. Tried so many times Visible told me to try again later.Anyone else have this issue and, if so, what's the fix?Jim

Annoying Spam Call

Does anyone have a solution to block spam calls?

JimG by Novice
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Calls to Mexico and Canada

Just attempted to turn on calling to Mexico and Canada using the option on my home screen. After clicking enable calls to Mexico and Canada it took about 5 minutes and now says calling is available. However, when trying to make a call to Canada using...

Resolved! "Service Features" Tab in the iOS APP.

Anyone else doesn't see anything in the "Service Features" Tab in the iOS APP? Mine just shows a bunch of boxes showing "Coming Soon". Is this just a glitch in the APP, or...?HELP!!

Evan by Novice II
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Latency Reduction

Hey... I was wondering if there's any plans at visible to improve the latency on the network. I personally think 160 - 220ms is very high for a ping in the United States and it should be 80ms max.This is something that I'm very concerned about becaus...

Email to Text Message with Visible

With Visible you are able to receive texts to your phone number from an email using either: Number To send an SMS to your phone number To send an MMS to your phone number While both of these options work, the second one "...

Suggestion: Auto-remove old Party Pay threads

I imagine the Party Pay section would get filled with very populated parties very quickly, which would give people less opportunity to start new ones. I suggest adding an expiration date to Party Pay posts which would help solve this problem.

"Message Expired or Not Available" GROUP TEXTS MISSING

I am super glad they created this community, as I have been looking everywhere for a fix to this and NOTHING HAS HELPED. I miss about 10% of Group Chat MMS messages. They come in individually from the person that sent it and show up as "message expir...

Apple Watch eSim

Is Visible ever going to support esim on the Apple Watch? I know there are plenty of customers that would be willing to sign up for service with their Watch, but Visible has yet to implement that. Any plans for supporting that platform?

What is Visible Community?

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about… Well, anything. It’s the general discussion forum, so think about it like an off-topic, Visible-themed discussion. We’d tell you some g...

Quick solutions to common wireless service problems

If you’re having any issues with calling, texting, or anything involved in using data, we’re going to provide you with some common network troubleshooting steps. So, if you’re having issues, try the steps below. If you’re still having issues after th...

Ready to activate? Here’s how.

Like with most things Visible: activating service is pretty simple. So we’re going to run through how to activate Visible service. It can all start when you get your Visible SIM kit in the mail. Once you have that, follow these steps: Put your SIM in...