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Audio Crackling on incoming and outgoing calls.


Is there a solution for audio crackling on incoming and outgoing calls?  I have an unlocked Samsung A50 phone, US version.  This happens on almost every call in the Charlotte, NC suburban area.  I didn't have this problem on PagePlus, a Verizon MVNO.


Intermediate III


If you have wifi calling feature on your phone, try to use this.  This will help you to get better QoS. 

I have been using Wifi Calling at my home and it has no issue at all.


I have a new iPhone and have the same problem about 75% of the time when I get calls from anyone on T-Mobile/Sprint/MetroPCS/Mint


One or both of the following changes have resolved the crackling audio issue.  This is an Android Samsung A50, SM-A505U1.  I installed Discovery LTE app to monitor 4G connections.  The signal was generally low, RSRP -105 dB but similar to other phones in the house that worked OK.

  1. Under settings, enable mono audio.
  2. Under settings, set Adapt Sound to 30 to 60 year old.

The following changes did not help the issue.

  1. Enable or disable WiFi calling.
  2. Reinsert SIM multiple times.
  3. Reset network connections.
  4. Reboot phone.
  5. Soft reset phone.