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Call Waiting:

Novice II

To All,


I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max & I noticed a Call Waiting Toggle Switch.  Bread Crumbs:  Settings>Phone>Calling Waiting.


Nevertheless, is this something that can be toggled on?





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Hey there!

Call waiting is a feature include with your Visible service, so you can toggle it on or off if you'd like.



Mine will not turn on.  I receive an error message, 'Could not save call waiting setting'.  Furthermore, my daughter's phone, iPhone 12 Pro, has the same error.  I contact support & they ran me thru the gamete of troubleshooting including a factory reset.  This did not resolve the issue so they are escalating it.


Good times,


Novice II



Visible Tech open up a ticket & said I'd hear back with in 24 hours.  Guess what, it's been > 24 hours & this is just for Call Waiting.  Not a good way to start a relationship.  I will keep y'all posted.




Here’s an interesting twist. Turned of Call Waiting in settings and could not toggle it back on. Got the “cannot save setting” message. I also tried the *43# code and that failed as well. Contacted CS through chat and was given the same procedures. The problem was sent up-line.

Received an e-mail the next day with same procedures listed. So, there seems to be no solution.


You might try #43# to try to turn on Call Waiting, but is doesn’t seem to work either.