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Can't pay bill due to glitch, no service, now account canceled



I am not really sure what to do at this point. I am a long time Visible subscriber, been with them for 3 years or so. I have referred hundreds of people over to Visible, and as a result have always had a bunch of referral credits in my account. I am in a party of 4 with my family, and my monthly bill has been $5 which is incredible. Last night I went to pay my wife's bill on her account and mine. I logged in paid, my wife's without issue. Logged into my account, and it wasn't showing a balance due on the app and there was no option to be able to pay. I logged into my account then on desktop computers and when I go to the my account section, it says it can't display this info at this time. I contacted support via live chat. I spent two hours with them and they confirmed it is some kind of glitch on their end. Customer support could not figure out a way to take my payment either. They gave me a case number and said they would escalate it but it would be resolved in 12 hours and they would send me an email when it was resolved. This morning I check my email and I have an email from Visible that my account has been canceled. I contacted chat again this morning and now they are saying they will try to figure it out in twenty four to forty eight hours. Meanwhile I have no service, my account is canceled, the other people in my party show I am gone and their bills are higher now, and what will happen to all of my referral credits? I have no idea what could be going on and this is the strangest thing. Has anyone heard of this happening or have any idea what this could be? The live chat is not much help and just gives canned responses. I really can't be going without service as I use the phone for business calls. 


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Have you tried contacting them on twitter? They seem to be a little better

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Mervis I am so so sorry you are having this issue! I'm escalating this issue to a different team so we can get this resolved for you ASAP. 


We are having the EXACT same issue, can you tell me what they did to resolve it?  its been 3 days and saying it will be 48 to 72 MORE hours and it is affecting our business. We have always loved their service and sang their praise but we are about to go to every social media account we have and let it rip .. so upset!