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ERT... What is it, how to summon it?

Novice III

Poking around in the community here (for reasons discussed in my other recent posts, it's basically the only website I can currently visit on my device), I see a few references to having situations referred to the ERT for resolution.  Anyone know how to make this happen?


My case has supposedly been escalated, critically escalated, and at least suggested for 'internal visibility'... But at this point, I'm well past the initially stated waiting period for 'specialists' or 'engineers'.  I've pestered quite a few chat agents at this point, but all they can do is note that my case has been escalated and tell me to wait... some undetermined amount of time that is getting longer by the day.


Novice III

This Visible employee is active on Reddit. Consider DMing them: MVNOResearch (u/MVNOResearch) - Reddit



Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll look into it.  I was all set to use the Visible care Twitter account to reach out about this matter in a different venue yesterday... but I was unable to sign up for a Twitter account (I've managed to avoid getting one so far) because my phone cannot currently receive the confirmation text required for acct activation. 

If you want I will set up a Twittah account for you. Just ask

Novice III

Answering my own question- assuming the service issues are severe enough to warrant it, filing an FCC complaint and waiting about a day for them to serve it on Visible appears to be the ticket to getting the ERT involved (either that or the timing is just a coincidence).