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Everytime I've had a service issue, this is what fixed it.


I have had visible service for about 9 months. There have been four times during that nine months when my service suddenly just quit working. The first time, I contacted visible and we tried to troubleshoot my phone multiple different ways. None of them worked. Eventually I was told the problem would be sent upstairs to some techs and I would be contacted in a few days. Now mind you this troubleshooting took a few days as I could not use my visible phone and had no internet service so I had to use someone else's phone. I was without service for over a week. When I receive a response from upstairs I was told my problem was because of the area I was in and I needed to use Wi-Fi. Absolutely ridiculous. The phone had worked before. So I got back on messenger and just so happened to get someone who thought of one more way to troubleshoot my phone. I wish I knew who they were because I would give them all the props in the world. The solution they suggested fixed my phone that time and all three times since. I have also used the same method to troubleshoot a few other people's phones and every time it has fixed the problem. I don't know if it will work for everyone, with every phone, every time. But if you're having problems with your visible service it's definitely worth a shot. Here it is: find an old SIM card from any other phone service aside from visible. I have used a US Cellular SIM card I have used a Straight talk SIM card and I have used a total wireless SIM card. All of them worked for this trick. Shut your phone off, remove the visible SIM card, replace it with the SIM card from a different service, boot up your phone and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Obviously your phone won't work during this time frame. Then shut the phone off, take the other companies SIM card out of the phone, replace it with your visible SIM card, and restart your phone. You should have service after that. The way it was explained to me is that when you put in a different SIM card it resets your phone to try and work with the different Sim. Obviously it's different service and most likely there is no service on that SIM card so of course it won't work to get you service. But once the phone tries to reset to this SIM card when you take it the old one out and replace it with your visible sim, it forces the phone to reset to your visible SIM card and for whatever reason this reset fixes the problem every time I have used it. Hopefully this solution will work for you too. That way you can save yourself time and effort and save the techs some confusion. Let me know if this works for you or not because I'm curious if there are other ways anyone else has found to fix their service issues. However by and large I have had less service issues with visible than I've had with any other company so hopefully you never have to use this trick.



Thanks for the suggestion. When I get the service unavailable message, I do one or more of the following:


-Reboot the phone


-Dial *228 What does that do? 

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Since visible is only using LTE, you may loose the signal frequently if you are behind the range. Also their roaming service should be turned off which may be also problem. I had to use wifi calling in case this happens to me.