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Horrible connection during road trip

Novice II

I got Visible couple of months ago primarily for data. It works most of the time in my area and in 5G locations I have seen even up to 250mpbs speed. But during a trip to GA from FL the I lost connection a lot. I can lose connection any time, but mostly when I pass through a bad reception area. Once I lose connection the only way to get it back is to restart the phone!. My signal will show a triangle with exclamation mark. I have AT&T in my other sim slot and I almost never saw this issue. When I saw this issue once, the phone could regain the connection after few minutes. One of my friend with Visible reported same issue. Another friend with another MNVO service said he's getting it too. So is this normal for MNVO services? I'm planning to cancel Visible by end of the week. But just want to see if this is a known issue and if there's any solution for it. 



Intermediate II

I have not experienced this, so I would reach out to support on social media & see if they can help

Thanks for the reply. Can you please let me know the social media link? I'm not sure what social media we are talking about here.

Novice II

Thank you.