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Won't verify address


Am trying to buy a phone and switch service with Visible. It won't verify the address.  It's in Google Maps, we get mail, I don't get it.  I've tried 5 different browsers on 3 different devices, PC and tablets.  Cleared cache, cookies, etc on all of them.  Tried using incognito windows as well. Tried the app on 2 different devices. 

Am about to give up, so frustrating.


Novice III

It is a glitch. The same thing has happened to a ton of people. It sucks.


You could:


1. Reach out to tech support via a social media channel




2. Could you try your work address and have the phone shipped there

Worked with Google on this, it's not a Google problem. They were very helpful. It has something to do with the coding or implementation on the Visible website. Their developers need to get on it.