Plus Plan Upgrade / 100% Loss of Service. EPIC FAIL - DON'T DO IT

Novice III

Looks like Visible tests their back office in production.  I made the mistake of being excited about an opportunity to get QCI8 and domestic roaming.  Did the plan change.  Billing worked well - charged my card for the prorate very successfully.  Also of note, my account is 100% in good standing and always has been.  


Service side of plan change was/is a complete disaster.  I'm guessing something went ''clunk' in moving my service to the newer network, and I have no service.  No service at all.  No voice, no SMS, no data.  My cell number I've had for 20 years does not even show in my eSIM profile on my device!!   I'd port out, but given the state of my service I'm terrified that Visible would lose my number, assuming it's not already lost.


Numerous chats.  No resolution.  No surprise given what I've read on these forums and in Reddit.  No ETA, no SLA, no reach-out from Visible.  I have filed both FCC and VA SCC complaints.  That'll eventually get their rears moving, but probably not an immediate help.


Moral of the story is let enough other idiots like me do plan changes, let Visible debug and harden the new plan change flows in production - just not on your service.


If this doesn't help you could try  Filing a complaint by the bbb that usually helps 

Novice III

After reading this, I'll  wait and see before switching to the Plus plan.


I just upgraded to the Visible+ plan waiting to get my new SIM but now I'm worried about it! I had problems when I first switched to Visible about a year and a half ago with my service but they finally got it fixed and it's been alot better since so now I'm worried cause I don't want to go through all that again

I don't think you have to be worried because if it works,  it works! You have to remember visible is not looking to make problems they want everything should go smooth, but as always a new thing has bugs it doesn't mean everyone has problems and it doesn't mean that it's always gonna be problems they just launched it, but if you did it and everything went fine you shouldn't have problems 

Do let us know how the new SIM works out.

Got a physical sim, it doesn't work. Can't even make/receive phone calls. iPhone says service can't be activated...

What happens if you put the old SIM back into the phone? Does that restore service?

Don't do it!! I just did with a physical sim. I have data but cannot text or call. They claim they are escalating my case but that was after several chat sessions with support doing the same things over and over. It's super tough. I can't even use wifi calling because my number is not able to be used. 

Novice III

Me too. I upgraded to Visible+, expecting an improvement in service because my service has been absolute garbage but I’ve had zero data connection for 2 days now. Phone calls and texts seem to work fine but data is not working whatsoever. Customer service has reset my eSIM multiple times and now Visible tells me “This is the Visible Care team reaching out to you regarding your lack of service with eSIM. Thanks for your patience; we want to reassure you that we've notified our next level of support. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you, and we greatly appreciate your patience while we work this out. You will hear from us within 24 hours with an update or final resolution.” So 3 days with no data connection I guess?! This is so irritating! I’m ready to port out, but I too am concerned it may not work. Visible has been absolute garbage!

Oh dear. Exact same thing for me. But I’m currently on day 1. 

Novice III

So far the problem with upgrading to Visible Plus seems to be with eSIMs. It will be interesting to see how it works with receiving and installing a new regular SIM.

They were going to mail me a physical SIM but said there is some “fatal error” with my account that they need to resolve first because the physical SIM won’t work either they said. So I don’t know what got so messed up but it’s been an awful 2 days. I wish I would have just left my plan alone…

Novice III

OP update.  No change. No contact from Visible. Done several additional chats, get the canned response to wait for an email.  No SLA on resolution. 

And the most important “no” is no service still.  None at all. Voice, SMS, data out.

Insult to injury - Callers to my number get some strange message about calling restrictions placed on my line. Like I’m some kind of deadbeat who has not paid their bill. In fact I’ve paid Visible extra for the privilege of being treated like trash. 

Can you revert back to the original eSIM? I'm thinking that might restore service.

Nope.  Because during one of the 6 chat sessions I had when this first happened, the agent had me delete all previous eSIM on my device before he prepared the next eSIM for me to download.

I'm thinking eSIM is not such a great invention. An old SIM can just be popped back into the phone.

Novice III

I also upgraded to Visible + yesterday and have completely lost mobile data. Seems like no one can help me either. 

Novice III

OP Update #2.  Received a response to my FCC Complaint I filed yesterday morning.  They have served the ticket to Visible on my behalf.


I have no delusions this will magically resolve my service loss, but at least I feel I'm going to get an executive level escalation on this because of the regulatory nature and may expedite my resolution sooner.


Recommend all subscribers with service loss to do the same.  If enough customers of Visible impacted by these plan change defects complain to the FCC about the horrendous experience and service impact, it may actually motivate Visible to give a **bleep** and add a few more bodies to the fallout resolution / account rebuild teams.


OP Update Day 3:


Executive escalations reached out yesterday evening via email.  Had me do the standard "sign out of app, delete app, install app, sign in, reboot phone".


Nothing.  No service - device does not even connect to network.  no bars, "no service" in settings/about.  No phone number on device either.  I can't even call 911 if I needed to.


But at least it looks like my FCC complaint got me some attention, if not a resolution.

Same here, executive dept couldn’t help either. So I helped myself and ported to another carrier and all good now. I certainly hope I get my $45 refund .

So envious.  I am tempted to port but still nervous given the state of my line in the Visible back office and the Verizon network.  When that port-out request comes in to the visible back office, what's going to happen?  The eSIM Visible downloaded does not even have my phone number.  It may make things worse.


Trapped without service even 911.

Hold on from porting. I’m having similar issues again with US mobile (vzw) via esim on my iPhone 13 PM. Intermittently losing complete network access. 

You could just get a physical SIM from us mobile tell them your story they're going to ship you in 2 days for free

US Mobile agent gave me a promo code of FREESIM 

OP Update #4  - Day 3


Executive escalations team has my service mostly back:


- Data service works, hotspotting works

- SMS service works

- Voice outbound works


Only thing still not working is voice inbound calls.

Did this require any additional steps from you on the device? My sister's iPhone is the same way..No service and she's also chat. How can this fix be universally applied?

No - Visible is doing all the work on their side.  I think they are rebuilding the profiles and features in the network. 


As of today inbound calling to my iPhone still does not work.   Outbound, SMS and data are working.  I am on Day 5 now of my service not working correctly since the plan upgrade.


Once they finally get everything fixed, I'm not touching anything in-case the back office is still dumpster fire.  I do really hope this all works out, as the plan features at the price point are one of best offers out there for VZW network.

Just wanted to share I’m in the exact same boat as you. Lost all service, customer support was ineffective, had to file an FCC complaint, got in touch with escalations team, and they have me partially running: outbound calls and data work but no inbound calls. No Apple Watch service either, but they haven’t even started on that. 

Hang in there. After 8d of impacted services everything is working great. Email daily on your status with the escalation team regarding your service status. Keeps you on the top of the list and builds a trail for the  FCC

Novice II

I'm going on 28 hours of "no service". Upgrading your plan bricks your eSIM. It's happened to multiple people. I have been in contact with support four times now and the impression I'm getting is that Visible engineers have really screwed up the transition process "from NiB to Core system". It's absolutely infuriating, especially since I've been a customer since beta. Whatever the cause is, they've been working on it and I honestly don't think they know what's going on. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR VISIBLE PLAN OR YOU WILL LOOSE SERVICE.


I don't know how any of you upgraded to the new plan! I was going to try the + Plan but there is no option to change from my currant plan. Was in chat with tech for over two hours. They could not figure out how to switch as a currant vissible customer using an esim to one of the new plans. They thought there was an option to "Change Plan" on Home screen or in the Account screen but there is NO option to "change plan" it was after midnight before we disconnected. I have a ticket number but there is currantly no fix. 

Maybe they turned off the upgrade feature for eSIM subscribers.  Their hunger to make customers miserable has been satiated for now 😉


Joking aside - you've dodged a bullet.  Don't rush the plan change until Visible sorts their systems issues out.  Like you I'm excited about the new offer, but losing service 100% and having no idea when you'll get it back is really bad.

I guess this is why I can't find any NEW plan speed tests on youtube!! HA!

Finally after three attempts with customer Support got my esim on my iPhone working now. Speeds are same as the 25$ plan lol. Visible + here. 

Thats what I was hoping to see. Download and especially upload speeds. So you're saying nothing changed? 

I live in an area without 5g, I used to get around 5-6 mb/s now it’s 20. I can feel delay has been lowered in real world use but I still get 111ms on speed tests. Gonna drive to Charlotte tomorrow where I can test 5g speeds. 

Novice II

I am in the same boat; and when I contacted their support over chat, there was no indication this was a common problem. With this many having the same issue, they need to pause upgrade activations until they get it fixed.


Novice III

I am trying to port-out my number because I now have NO service whatsoever today and Visible has zero answers, but other carriers are running into errors trying to get my number. I already got the port-out PIN from Visible too. This whole thing is a complete disaster!

Still not working for me on visible +