Terrible Order Experience and Worse Customer Service


1. Ordered a black iphone pro with trade-in Sunday, Jan 8 at 8PM.
2. Received order confirmation immediately for iPhone Pro but instead of black, it's purple.

3. Attempt to contact Visible immediately through website chat and fb messenger. no responses. Repeatedly disconnected from the "24/7 live support" 
4. I then contacted Visible first thing in the morning via chat on their website on Jan 9 to get help with my problem

5. After waiting in several queues that disconnected me before I could speak to anyone, I finally reached someone who would reply "yes" when I asked if they were going to help me, but never replied again.

6. I tried again on fb messenger. I reached someone who said they could help. This person canceled my trade-in, but did not cancel my order. I was told my issue would be escalated because it was "delicate".

7. I tried again to reach someone who told me that I should just make another order.

8. I waited again to speak to someone and was told my issue was "escalated to triage team" but now it's been several hours and I have yet to even get an acknowledgement from your "triage team".
9. I just receieved a notification that the phone shipped.

So now here I am having paid for a phone I didn't order with no way to fix it and no one from your team to even tell me next steps. Additionally, I can't even place a new order while I wait for this to be fixed, because your own system does not allow it.


This is awful. Ordering a phone should not be this difficult. It should not cost me hundreds of dollars to fix an issue with your systems.