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Community Manager
Community Manager

There are several ways to save even more money with Visible, so use this forum to get those savings. For general questions about Party Pay, Referral codes, or promos, go to the “Let’s Chat” forum. To get help with a problem regarding any of these, go to the “Need a Little Help?” forum. 

Here are some ways to use this forum to save with Visible:

  • Are you a current Visible member? Share your referral code and start banking up to 12 months of service for $5. You can find your referral code here.
  • Trying to get more people to join your Party? Share your Party Pay link here.
  • Are you a current member looking to join a Party? Find one here.
  • Are you ready to sign up with Visible? Use one of the referral codes here.

Some guidelines to get the most out of this forum:

  • Use labels when you post. Use “referral” when you are sharing your referral code and “party link” when you are sharing your Party. This helps members find and use your code and join your party.
  • Mark another member’s response as a solution. Did someone answer your question? Let everyone know and click “Mark As Solution”. 
  • Give Kudos to posts and responses that you find helpful. If you liked what another member shared, click “Give Kudos” to let them know.

Please don’t spam the board by posting your referral code or Party Pay link more than once a day.