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Intermediate III

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1)  If you haven’t already joined Visible, use this Bring a Friend referral code 3lStBp when you create your account and get $20 off the first month. This link gets you started:

2)  Bring or buy a phone. Peruse and choose available deals (virtual gift card, swap your incompatible device for a brand new one, phone upgrade). Pick your plan, either $25 Visible or $45 Visible+. Use friend code 3lStBp at checkout. Activate with eSIM or a physical SIM card that Visible sends to you. If everything goes according to plan, your first month is $20 off! 

3)  Once your account has been activated, share your Bring a Friend code and get $20 off your next month when your Friend code is used to activate a new account. You can bank up to 12 monthly $20 credits at any time.

*And to those that have noticed, yes, I do seem to have inspired several copycats. In place of original thought and effort, they just cut and paste snippets from my posts. Some have even copied the copies! It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...