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How does Visible compare?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Visible is changing the way we do wireless. See how we compare to the competition. 



DS-Community Manager

Intermediate III

Where is the comparison to Verizon? 🤔😁

If Visible works  it is awesome.  If it doesn't it isn't.  I have had issues with 3 way calls, and call quality.  Do I chat in with CS?  No Why not I can tell you exactly what they will tell me to do.  1 turn and off air plane mode.  Reset network settings,  remove sim etc.  If you eventually get a ticket created 24 to 48 hours is rediculous.  I understand why people pay more.  Better quality of service the ability to call cs.  Again when it works proper its wonderful.  But if it doesn't lookout.  There is no in between

Novice II

You didnt mention about priority of the data, i think the AT&T and T-Mobile has priority data. Visible data is deprioritized correct?