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Party Pay & how it works

Community Manager
Community Manager

What is Party Pay?

It’s a way for Visible members to create groups and save up to $15/mo on their service. And it can be anyone - friends, strangers, people you meet here - and as many of these people as you want. Unlimited amount of people you can invite to your party. You share the savings and nothing else.

How it works:

People join your party. You all save more money. A party of 2, brings service down to $35/mo. Parties of 3 will pay only $30/mo each. And a group of 4 will be getting Visible service for only $25/mo for each member. 

How do you create a party, invite people, and/or join a Party?

To make a party, go to your account, click the “Party Pay” tab, choose a name and theme, and boom, you’re done. After that, you’ll get a link, which is what you’ll share to invite people to your party. If you’re looking to join one, you first have to get the link from a member of the party you’d like to join. Do that, and more, here.


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Hi, I presently have a visible account, all by myself 😞 

How do I move myself to another group?  Tks

Hi dlsweb! If you're still looking for a party, you can find one in this forum to join. Just click the link for the party you've chosen, and follow the steps there. We're glad you're with Visible and participating on the community. 


You need to leave your group and then join another group. It is in the app under account and then under party pay.   

New Account? No problem!   

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how do i know i am accepted into this party 


Hi there! You should be able to see if you are in a party in your Visible account (this is separate from your Community account). Go to Account -> Party Pay, and you should see the party's landing page. If you see "Introducing Party Pay", then you are not currently in a party.


Novice II

Hello, my party is at 100 members and I cannot add anymore. Is there a limit of 100? Thank you!

Hi tdparty! I'm sorry you ran into this the other day. You should now be able to have more than 100 members in your party. If you are still having problems, please reach out to Care over chat support or social media. Thanks for being a member!


Thank you! Confirmed that this is now fixed! The community is 140+ strong and still growing! 

Hi there! I'm new to this Visible thing (in the process of switching to it) and I'm just not understanding this group thing yet....I mean, why have 140+ members? What is the advantage to that? I get having my family of 6 all on the same party so we get down to the $25/person cost, but I'm assuming it doesn't go down past that, otherwise 100+ people and you'd all be getting PAID to use the service... ;D Just looking for a little insight. Thank you!


When I click on party links...all I get is a blank page with a dead chat icon. Looking to join a party. All the links thus far have been the same...dead end. 🤔


I want to leave my current party and join a different one but it warns me that my next bill will be $40 suggesting that it won't be reduced for the first month even if I join another party.  Is this the case?

No it won’t ad long as you change to another party. I wouldn’t do it right around your due date just to be on the safe side. 

Novice II

Can I join more than one party?

Hi sonik! At this time, you can only join one party at a time. If you're looking for a party, you can browse links from other Visible members here. Thank you for being part of our community!




I have an ATT plan now and I want to switch three of my numbers to the Party Plan by Visible. 
Can I keep my numbers and how do I join the Party?

Thank you

Yes. You can keep your numbers. Just enter your information at checkout to transfer the numbers from your current carrier. You can also use this promo code at checkout: 3nJGrC


Once you get your sim cards and activate your phones..

Go to the Party Pay section and join my group.. Enter the word: "EliteSavers" in the Party Pay section.

Or just click this link: 🙂


That will send a request and I will accept. So everyone will only pay $25 instead of $40.


I've been with Visible for only a week. But the service is amazing!


What information, if any, is shared with other members of a party?