Party Pay is going away! THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Or is it?

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You can safely ignore those hyperbolic forum posts. Yes, the legacy Visible Unlimited Plan and your $15 Party Pay discount will both go the way of the dodo and the net result is an eventual monthly rate increase of $5. Oh, woe is you! But before you allow yourself to be stampeded, consider:

1)  On October 18, 2022, it won’t matter what size your party is as long as it includes 4 or more members. Visible will close Party Pay and lock in your discount based on your party size level on that day and that day only. A 100,000-member party and a 10-member party will be essentially equal.

2)  Once Party Pay is closed, it will be impossible for anyone to affect your discount by leaving your party. Your $15 Party Pay discount will be locked in until you select another plan. You will have to change your plan before the January 2023 deadline.

3)  If you worry that your current party might drop below 4 members on or before 10/18/2022, or even if you just enjoy rearranging the deckchairs, then join the one and only Party Pay party. Party Pay. Yep, that’s our actual party name. Although we’re not a freakishly large party, membership   is growing by leaps and bounds    is growing at a moderately rapid pace   is growing! You may as well go with the best & least original party name. WE ACCEPT YOU! WE ACCEPT YOU! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Join us here: Pay

Welcome to Party Pay!

Note: The Party Pay discount is not available to members on the $30 Visible plan or the $45 Visible+ plan.



Where is this stated... "You will have to change your plan before the January 2023 deadline"?

TwinDolphin: "Where is this stated... "You will have to change your plan before the January 2023 deadline"?"

There were 3 official responses from the Visible Care team answering @Garfiel79098277 on Twitter and this Reddit link should cover it sufficiently: garfieldcatto (u/garfieldcatto) - Reddit

4:06PM - Aug 18, 2022

"Hey there, friend! Thank you for reaching out to Visible Care! We are glad to help you with Party Pay information! All members of the old plan will be able to join a Party until October, and the Legacy plan will be valid until January 2023. *VD"

4:09 PM - Aug 18, 2022

"Also, on January 2023, everyone has to switch to one of the new plans, and with this step, the Party Pay program will be closed. No worries about it, as the new plans make the process more easier, without so many steps to create parties and join them. *VD"

4:11 PM - Aug 18, 2022

"You are right! The bill will be 30$, without any discounts. *VD"

However, this from The Verge here: Verizon’s Visible is ending its incredible Party Pay deal - The Verge

"In a statement Verizon emailed to The Verge, though, the company says that’s not going to be the case. “To speak to the January 1st comments, we aren’t getting rid of Visible Unlimited on 01/01/23,” Verizon spokesperson Caroline Brooks said. “We will always evaluate the best use of our networks, capital and customer experience, and should we decide to make a change in the future, we will ensure our loyal Visible members have plenty of notice.”"

So Verizon and the Visible Care team differ. For my part, I plan on remaining with the legacy Visible Unlimited Plan until I have to move to another Visible plan, and I don't much care when that is. 

Thanks for the response

Thanks for asking!

After reading all of that, I still don't know what's going to happen to customers on the legacy $40 plan! 😄

OK, if you are currently on the $40 plan with Party Pay discount, you can remain on that plan with the discount until Visible no longer supports the $40 plan. You must choose another plan or exit Visible when $40 plan support ends.

The $30 Visible and $45 Visible+ plans are not discounted. Currently, you can use the Bring a Friend Referral Program to get a $20 credit against your monthly service plan rate, and you can bank up to 12 months. 😅