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I wanted to share my VISIBLE experience with all who may be considering a switch. I was with ATT for 19 years and my monthly bill escalated to $120.00. All that for a flip-phone and a separate hot spot device with only 10GB monthly data. I finally switched to VISIBLE in December and I am very happy. I got the Visible Midnight phone with the wireless charger and everything is great! It was simple to switch, port-in my number, and it all took a few minutes. I also received my phone and SIM card in one day. It cannot be easier than this. The service and signal are better here than with ATT.  So, for anyone in doubt of making a switch, take it from a major procrastinator like me, everything should be fine with VISIBLE. Also, Thank you to the VISIBLE team for making it easy. I am very pleased with the online support team, much better than waiting on the phone. Here is a code for $5 for the first month. I hope this works for anyone making the switch. Have a great New Year!! My friend code is 388P3DB, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!


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Community Manager

This is some amazing feedback thank you for sharing!! Glad to have you part of the #VisiSquad 

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Did you have to contact AT&T when you left or did the port to visible automatically close your account? Do you have enough in your "party" to only pay the $25 monthly? Looking to leave ATT also.


I called ATT to get my 'port-out PIN' to enter into my new Visible account. You will need that Pin to transfer your existing number (if you are keeping your current number), that is usually enough to end your old service, but call later just to make sure they know you left. Within a few seconds of activating my new phone my old flip phone showed 'no service'. But I called them anyway just to make sure the account was closed. If you are keeping your phone rather than getting a new device you still need a port out PIN. I joined the BreezyBeach party just after activating my Visible service and the monthly rate dropped to 25 rather than 40 dollars. . Good luck with everything. I hope you can use the refer code as well : 388P3DB