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Hello, I would like to cancel my order. I intended to order eSIM, but I accidentally ordered a physical SIM. My order number is 18077743

Keeping my own phone number

I want to change over to Visible on my phone service, but visible has given me a new number. I wish to keep my old number. Can I do that?


The fun is over, we've been very patient with you folks but it's time to fix the problem with phone number *****. We've been at this problem for almost three weeks now. All we want to do is get back up and running with Visible so we can switch vender...

Kudos to Visible

Since I was very critical of Visible's purchase and activation process just about this time last year, I'd be remiss not offering them some kudos for my smooth attempt to signup and activate this year. Everything went smoothly this year including the...

PSA: Compatibility Checker

FWIW and for the longest time, my Samsung S21 5G (SM-G99U1) had been showing as incompatible (despite that it does in fact work). After a casual mention in passing was made over on one of the Visible subreddit's threads, I verified the phone's compat...