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Is Visible too good to be true?

VisiSquad, Some people really think Visible is too good to be true. To show and prove Visible is offering a free trial starting on January 6th! However, the real proof is from our members. So post your service testimonial here for all to see and you ...

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party plan

I just signed up for myself and am waiting on a SIM card to be mailed to me. How do I add my family to the party plan? I'm going around in circles right now.

lyelton by Novice
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eSIM transfer from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13

I was told by support that the eSIM for iPhone 13 is not working properly and that they are currently working on a fix for the problem. I'm wondering when is this problem going to be fixed and if they will let us know as soon as the problem is solved...

Internet modems

Is it possible to activate a SIM in a phone then move it to a mobile router(ie Netgear M5 mobile router). My wife and I need reliable internet for our RV. Thanks