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Requesting Speedtests from any Visible users in Pennsylvania

More specifically users who might be in the York, Adams, Lancaster counties of PA and/or Frederick, Carroll, and Baltimore counties of MD (or thereabouts). I’m looking for some dl speeds and ping times.Thanks! Additional info: Current Verizon user an...

Mb255 by Novice
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Resolved! Tucson AZ data coverage experience

I had this odd speed test experience. On my Visible Samsung phone I ran a speed test and got amazing speeds, like 30M download and 20M upload. When I made the Samsung phone a hot spot and then did a speed test on my laptop using the hot spot I only g...

JustDoIt by Intermediate II
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Music buffering

Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet? https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/7879435398 Not sure I can make 3 months of this

GWB by Novice III
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Resolved! Visible for Tablets Suggestion

My mom is 92 years old and has a standalone iPad data plan through a major carrier. Because she is legally blind, Siri helps her do Skype and FaceTime chats with her children and grandchildren, The problem is that plan is quite expensive. I'd love to...

Constant Data Throttling

dataAnyone else fed up with the constant data throttling? Here in the Tri-Cities area of NE Tennessee, speeds appear to be good at night, when I'm usually sleeping. But in the middle of the day, every day, the data is so slow that my phone is barely ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Newbie Questions

Hello, I have been lurking around Visible Wireless and the Visible Wireless Community. Today I have taken the time to register for an account on these forums. I have a few or more questions that I would like to ask you today. I'm with MetroPCS and ha...

Tibgler by Novice
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Increase Tethering hotspot to 10Mbs

I would love to see the tethering speed increased to 10MB. Maybe allow the user to choose when to use the improved speed and limit it to 50Gbs per month.

Vs by Novice III
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